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it's. what holds a cinch to. put themselves on the lawn. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. for some one of the reps. what's it like to be cross with what before us three of them or ten people that. i'm interested in the waters of mccall. short term gains at the expense of a longer term growth sowed us out of vesting in the future and products and employees here taking all of future revenues in your book it today just like the man is buying back all the stuff in his own store yes he bought back all of the stuff in his story he has
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a lot of revenue but now my store is empty and he has nothing to sell so the next quarter he says my sales are zero because i have nothing in the store to sell i bought it all myself so similarly with apple fell by about all their stock they wanted best in the future and when it comes time to report earnings of a year or two from now they'll have nothing to report. that. the. kids. kind of. those who don't don't think in talking to don't just deal in the things i'm the
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and looking for skinny is a little bit hot model to be. an arctic sea. suit of almost any sort of that he for less than a year see the super slightly. out of the month because he shockingly in the cream on top of the norm. at the top dozen of them. must have. made nigel milan and mathie. even respond to the slightly been more often carla and made up when i looked at her took a fairly sure lower quality. and for seeing how different one of the two he had a little kitty and how to move to the college adult. commune that care and make a little out of the. shafts a little deja vu telling them to show him a. little of. the hard bit and get quite
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a volume. of philos of sympathy. then allowed a lock of hair on the hellion here. yet you're not at all a man of good outlook. to a lot of books if all the hell i'm getting at the end of. it as it has a year to marry or has it in kenya for me to go that i still feel i mean i want to be bad. look beautiful.
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so it looks. like. i know but there is this if you can prove that the mission to kill the son of nothing is a business and that. excuse me. i don't know. if that was about to look at that. but it's not as such. if you can pull the original ridgetop a little differently purely going to be we saw a little you'll be in the natural something of a drink yes gentle i'm still. am still
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if you don't. believe but only hear your words here. you have been going on the full day long before they thought it was a man because that will slay share the blame that the movies they are stealing any of it from to participate. and then your life then i be going up to study hall maybe and it gave me their old shots no doubt they just hoping they should make it better than i did it was obvious to me the family bought a lot of stuff. and you know what it's there and you. that plans to expand their job this was a move order. john can see from the a.t.o. this week and did it work for them and said you know i'm very design for this week
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as. you. know you want it with can you give us your thoughts by i don't know to whom you'll see me just get a letter to. the plant to help us if. we should to leave these would be good to me because it wasn't what. he could give you maybe said which would be the you know maybe ms told me to get a seat ok and member of the committee said to do it for you i can do that and this is in my capacity as selfish to him first the idea is i'm not sure i think we can only. if you leave gets filled with stool business. still. to give a little and. not a political is a left belongs to a cult kid out of donors from could get about see. if they don't see yet.
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there it's because that's the guy who lives at most is right that's what i'd be surprised if we have some influence but. i can fly i can fly. something that should be. very careful to get into that. very little to get to the. area we can make these threats last year i don't see who can go come didn't come to camp this is a possibility again this is broken if we can get it. no it's impossible to avoid but in my that i thought in my view educated you know that. i'm hot i can give that's what i know that's when we can get out of here with these balkan doesn't do them in causes to me but those are the ones that are still kind of you don't need
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to know it's not for about fifteen minutes of each. piece maybe if these two paths these two could take on anything you don't need maybe i don't know exactly where the robotic good spirits are as family because. that fight builds seriously. hi there we're breaking in to our shuttle program right now for more updates on our top stories you can see behind me fifty members have just started to vote on who will host the twenty twenty six world cup there at the expo center in moscow of course is the eve the twenty eighteen tournament here in russia right now they're choosing between two bids between morocco and a triple bid from the united states canada and mexico also listening across what's
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happening at the expo center is our correspondent alexey irish who's waiting to listen to what the process brings out we'll talk to him a little bit later as well we're also waiting for the translation of what's happening at the expo center and it's a very different process this time around as well not only is this a more open vote it's not just the fee for executive choosing for the next bid it's going to be all of the members let's listen to what's happening. zero member being suspended. so destruction is as follows. do you want to know what the right to host the twenty twenty six fifa world cup final competition. is the marrocco football association. called motoko beach. to the joint be submitted by the can i das as a citizen the mexican food want to see asian and the united states so.
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called united beat or do none of that be called none of the beats. thus reopening the bidding process excluding the four member association having already submitted the beat. if you vote in favor of morrocco press morrocco beat. if you vote in favor of the joint or united big press united big if you don't want. to select any of the beat and press none of the beat if you want to abstain meaning you don't want to vote please tatts you voting system. and so vote stat now you have fifteen seconds.
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separate. but. close. now let's wait for the results.
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are a lot different this time around to choosing who's going to host the next world cup a lot more shows with them home to some of the single talent is missing and the results of now been competed about to find out who's going to host the two thousand and twenty six world cup president. we need a. bigger. thank you very much secretary general. so we have a winner. for the twenty twenty six world cup. dementor associations of canada mexico and usa have been selected by the people of congress to hold the twenty twenty six people. thank you.
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really gave ladies and gentlemen silence please. so in many ways no surprises there the. mexico canada and the united states winning the rights to the twenty twenty six world cup while they congratulate each other on a successful bidding process there they will now take to the stage to accept the hosting rights for the twenty twenty six world cup in many ways as i say not a surprise on paper they seem to win out with infrastructure and also the chance of making a significant profit for the tournament this time around and many of the stadiums of course very much in place for the united states to host its ten matches and for canada mexico to host their three matches apiece come twenty twenty six and of course key for the united states which lost out in the twenty twenty two process the line process that led to qatar hosting that particular event but also
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to the end of the career for a long time think the latter. just going through some of the numbers of the voting the electronic voting this taken place this year you can see it on the screen morocco getting only sixty five votes thirty three percent and the united bid a clear winner there sixty seven percent with one hundred thirty four votes none of the beds only one member abstaining there. so a lot of talk in thinking as well very much the whole delegation all of them are all kobe to did an extraordinary job joking around i would like to give the floor to one or two or three of representatives of the united least. sorry it's a bit emotional for us today. thank you president frontino fellow presidents general secretaries and everyone in our fi family on behalf of our united bid
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canada mexico and my country the united states thank you so so very much for this incredible honor thank you for entrusting us with this privilege the privilege of hosting the fee for world cup in twenty twenty six we want to convey our appreciation as well to the thief administration and your staff president frontino especially the task force who worked so hard over this entire process let us also salute our friends from morocco at the end of the day we are all united in football that's the spirit of the world cup the beautiful game and game transcends borders and cultures football today is the only victor and in that spirit we wish our russian hosts and all the teams competing here this is the very best of luck thank you all again very much.
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so shorts. from colors could go to accepting the twenty twenty six hosting rights to the fifth world cup it might seem like a long way off right now but we all know we've been covering the russians but the hard work starts now with three nations involved in the logistics of that particular tournament and the winning bid team accepting the certificate. also saying good going to morocco getting so close yet again fourth time unlucky for them of course they would've been the second african nation to host the world cup
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it's not to be from morocco again but in many ways incredible that they made it to the last two games going so it's nothing to be ashamed of that. let's join our t's alexy yarosh about this now hi there again so at the expo center no big surprises there really was that on paper it was pretty much always going to win but there's still no getting away from the fact that come twenty twenty six it's going to be like attending a world cup like going to a dinner party with the neighbors are all just had a big rally. well i remember the feeling very well eight almost eight years ago here in moscow when russia was awarded the right to host the twentieth the world cup and i can only imagine and i know what my friends across the atlantic are now feeling having received these news it's breakfast time in america obviously so that's a good way to kick start the day again as you mentioned very little surprise about that most of the odds were on the side of the north american bid morocco's bid as
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passionate as it was as passionate the presentation of that that was here at the expo center during the fee for congress with the. bottom line being that it's time for africa with only one world cup ever hosted on the continent still the team of experts from fifi evaluated morocco's bit and it just barely passed the evaluation the overall score was two point seven with the needed two point zero to be able to participate while the north american bid scored four so i guess this is very this comes of very little surprise and obviously there will be a lot of jubilation across the atlantic especially considering the fact that infrastructure wise there's not much to be done in terms of the north american bid and it is a lot to be done as we know with every world cup. in comparison to morocco which had to invest more than sixteen billion dollars into hosting that event in twenty twenty six they expenditures in north america will be much much smaller and we
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spoke to a lot of people across the atlantic during the last six months filming different content for the world cup and they all stressed how important it would be for north america still holds the over there considering that you know soccer in america is still developing the m.l.s. is not the strongest league in the world as we know so that would bolster the sport on that in that part of the world but we don't comes to mexico obviously mexicans are fanatical about about football and to them this is a festivity i am sure all the mexican fans here in massive numbers in moscow will be celebrating in the streets today although for a lot of people they'll think well the united states it's never been that big on this particular kind of football. yet that's right the three years that i had spent in the united states before twenty seventeen i saw how big football or soccer as americans call it has been growing in in america
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there are a lot of pitches there are a lot of youth schools and even my son went to one and it was his first. soccer school in america so you can feel it stands about how football is becoming important in america but still baseball ice hockey and basketball are dominating the sport life in america maybe now with a twenty twenty six twenty twenty six world cup coming to the united states and its two neighbors mexico and canada sport the football the sport and the sport of football will be growing even bigger there and that's something that my friends have been telling me a long time before what happened just now in the x. percent in moscow do you think managed to turn a corner with this particular way of choosing the next host nation off to the few rory of the last time it happened when qatar was chosen and it was done in a very antiseptic way it was just the executive choosing it and it was a lot of bitterness that followed and a lot of recriminations this time as i said they had the drum roll they had the
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whole showbiz element to it this time around fifa managed to turn that particular corner with its reputation. well absolutely the number of pundits and extra was that i've managed to talk with over the last months they've all been saying how good it is to finally have a transparent election of clearly one of them one of the biggest sports events. in the world and the big question to everyone was why has it taken so long we know that this particular kind of reform was devised by the previous president joseph but now with john infantile in charge at least for now the yeah this has become a reality and without question the sixty eighth before congress in moscow has become historic not only because the twenty twenty six bid goes across the atlantic to north america but also because it is the first time that it was held in a public transparent vote that everyone knows the results of that everyone knows who voted for and to me it's actually pretty interesting i'm waiting to see the
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breakdown of the numbers the biggest question to me is when was the one country which abstained from voting in this period but as you can see everyone. states eligible to participate in this voting day took part and it's. a huge dominance over north american bid thirty votes more than the required one hundred four to claim to win that bid it's one hundred thirty four and somewhere around sixty for the moroccan bid but again the future as an organization is coming through is going through a lot of reforms on johnny in front you know and this is just one of them a lot of other things we'll be seeing during the world cup. again the video assistant referee so a lot of interesting things to come from yeah ok well we'll check back in with you in the coming hours for now though alexey thanks very much for that. you're with r.t. international just turned two in the afternoon here in moscow and in the past few minutes we've learned who's going to be hosting twenty twenty six and it's going to be the triple bit of the united states morocco of the united states kind of the
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mexico morocco losing out but they shouldn't be too despondent because it's one of the tournament that's going to be lined up for that the biggest tournament since one thousand nine hundred thirty it's going to consist of forty eight teams sixteen more than the current format i talked to football consultant and former fee for communications director walter gregorio earlier and he told me his expectations. is it easier to try and host this massive tournament in place old does it make more sense to try and absolutely absolutely want to and this would be kind of your only factor you know the need to go to morocco already when you have one single country but different states it is very complicated and you can imagine if you have three different legal systems you know. it's for sure more more complicated than if you have one single country but at the end of the day money is talking and if you see the forecast is more than fourteen billion u.s. dollars for four for the united bid and i think seven billion still enough but it's
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half for the more i think for the france it's even something that might like you know they could say ok we go and have fun at the games and then we travel around so i don't think that this is kind of a negative factor in terms of organizing a world cup talking from fever side for sure it's easier to have in one country they form a fever communications team talking to me before that might happen to be found out that morocco had lost out and that the triple bid has won world r.t. world cup host and goalkeeper peter schmeichel spoke to the fifa chief the current thing to keep jonny inventin about current issues that they're facing in russia. it is no secret is a lot of tension between the world and the world cup host nation. how are fifa how are you dealing with that i mean how are you sort of. coming in making this the best event in the world with all that's going on at the moment by focusing on
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football i think that's the key and that's the secret we have to focus on for but think there are enough. sadly people around the world to try to just. you know divide or argue or dispute or whatever we have to try to unite football is uniting football is has this this magic and this power of bringing people together we don't want to make politics we don't want to take positions on whether zero and who is right or wrong we have to organize football and the things to foodborne we can send also some messages of unity and football is about bringing together about enjoying a lot about creating an atmosphere which will show to the world as well a country like russia with one hundred fifty million people who want to welcome the world in their in their country and i think football has this power to change also
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the perception of people about the country and about maybe a particular period in time and i'm sure that this world cup in russia this particular moment of time will have quite a significant impact. well a few hours ago before voting at the fifa congress got underway the russian president welcomed football's main governing body to moscow thank them for the close cooperation and assistance they get during the seven years of preparations for this world cup. you know if you're new to it i want to underline the fact that before always follows the principle of sports politics russia always follows the same approach and they closely cooperate with those who want to develop and strengthen the creative origins of sports and right now the world cup host cities
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are welcoming the diehard football supporters who arrived early to watch their teams train thanks to the supporters anticipations building across russia where the games are going to be played mexican fans putting on a fantastic show getting into the mood in bright national costumes and sombreros with supporters really getting into the spirit of things we are some fans from france what their hopes were for their squad allegedly said final that it will be disappointed if we don't make it to the final. well i think that we can get to the final although i'm not sure i could say when. we want to when we want to second star as for getting here well most of the international fans are coast arrived by in russia by plane some decided to challenge themselves and take some unexpected modes of transport take a look. you are. both .
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our first claim to be in the us. since a. few years ago i have the first match her with the puppet away in the first match the other ticket to finish. up. the fuel tank thanks if. we will drive the russian any all the car but it wouldn't be the same the joke is to try to rush a lot of. the russian car. no
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matter how far the team goes we will follow it in the car and so the longer the team stays the longer we drive and we were off for that we were excited for. a lot of russian started out in the us and sending us messages on instagram a lot of them were offering. to give us a tour of the city too they were showing off their own lot to us because they love the car. thanks. because i'm seventy years old my track series eighty to use other transport would be too easy i'd learn nothing cause the country to argue with. the old one was all you need to be a leery.


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